Motogadget M-Blaze Edge

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The m.blaze edge by motogadget is a 3in1 bolt-on turn signal in a visionary design. It's a turn signal, rear light and brake light in one housing. 

Using the motogadget TranzLight® Technology the light of the power LEDs is precisely controlled and emitted. The exclusively developed IntensiLED® System provides the highest and constant light intensity. 

The metal housing and the PMMA lens are designed with CAD software by free formed surfaces. 

The cutting edge design is oriented to modern automotive luminaires and establishes new dimensions at the motorcycle market. The m.blaze edge is available plated in Chrome and Dark-Chrome. 

The m.blaze edge has an E-mark as rear turn signal, as rear light and brake light. The turn signal can be installed like any other LED turn signal with power resistors or all of our load independent flasher relays (m.flash, m.wave, m.stop, m.relay+). 

Please order always a right and a left turn signal when used as a pair.

Parts Included

  • A 3in1 turn signal for rear, left or right side
  • M8 thread and nut
  • 4 x 65 cm length of cabel
  • 4 cable end clamp
  • Installation instructions

Specifications and features

Total length w/ thread 92 mm
Length w/o mounting thread 54 mm
Height 20 mm
Weight 55 gr