Rokker "RokkerTech" Straight/Slim Jeans

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Product Description

Rokker RokkerTech Slim Jeans

Same rock. New roll. The RokkerTech Slim Jeans have the same designer style and unrivaled build quality you’ve come to expect from the Rokker Company, but are made from a much thinner, lighter weight single layer of material rather than a full Dynatec liner beneath a layer of denim.

The “tech” is an ultra-high-molecular-weight polyethylene (UHMWPE), a material with fibers twice the strength of steel. Indigo-dyed cotton is woven around the UHMWPE core threads to achieve a denim fabric that looks just like regular denim, but packs serious abrasion resistance at its core. Add in the ability to accept knee and hip protectors (armor sold separately) and the Rokker RokkerTech Slim Jeans are not just the whole package — they have made the whole package lighter.


  • Only one layer for unbeatable wearing comfort
  • Constructed of UHMWPE which is 15x stronger than steel
  • Highly abrasion resistant as entire jean contains UHMWPE
  • Pockets for optional hip and knee protectors (armor sold separately)
  • Authentic jeans look
  • UHMWPE core is wrapped by indigo-colored cotton thread
  • UHMWPE core made from Dual FX Lycra wrapped around UHMWPE
  • No rivets which could scratch the bike's finish
  • Ships with a Rokker t-shirt
  • Button fly
  • Same fit as Iron Selvage Slims
  • Slim to skinny cut