Stylmartin "Raptor EVO" Shoes

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Stylmartin Raptor EVO Shoes

Although more commonly identified with birds of prey or their ancestral velociraptor, raptor literally means “that which takes by force.” In the case of the Stylmartin Raptor EVO Shoes, both connotations accurately capture the temperament of these stealthy all-weather riding shoes. Touting multi-season functionality via a full waterproof and breathable membrane concealed beneath camouflage fabric, micro-perforated footbed, and swanky oiled leather accents, the Stylmartin Raptor Shoes have seized a position at the top of the food chain-  a true apex-predator in their class. 


  • Camouflage fabric and greasy water repellent leather inserts
  • Waterproof and breathable lining
  • PU internal malleuolus protection on both sides of ankle
  • Lace-up style
  • Rear reflective yellow insert
  • Anatomic, changeable and breathable micro-perforated footbed
  • Two-colored (grey and black) anti-slip rubber sole

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