"The Racer Within" Book

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The Racer Within is a global compilation of the custom motorcycle industry's most influential builders, photographers, events and riders, featuring stories and quotes that inspire us to ride. Compiled with bold and striking photography that showcases the lifestyle and culture of the custom cafe racer community of today, The Racer Within is more than just a motorcycle coffee table book, it’s a celebration of the pieces of art we build, ride and love.

The Racer Within boasts an unrivalled range of 98 contributors including Arjan Van den Boom of Ironwood Customs, Mark Hawwa of Distinguished Gentleman's Ride, Hugo Eccles & Adam Kay of Untitled Motorcycles, Rob Hamilton of Moto Feelz, Cam Elkins of Stories of Bike, Winston Yeh of Rough Crafts, Josh Shipps of Go Fast Don't Die, J Shia of Madhouse Motors, and some of the world's best photographers such as Marc Holstein, Erik Jutras, Derek Tice, Manuel Portugal, Alex Andino, Jason Lau - and many many more.

The Racer Within is an oversized hardcover coffee table book, featuring 308 pages of 157gsm matte art paper hand bound to lie flat, exuding an aura of elegance amongst any book enthusiasts collection. The Racer Within not only appeals to lovers of cafe racer and custom motorcycles, but to lovers of photography, art, culture and an authentic lifestyle.