Tobacco Motorwear California Riding Shirt 2.0 - Brick Red Canvas - City Limit Moto

Tobacco Motorwear California Riding Shirt 2.0 - Brick Red Canvas

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The California Riding Shirt is a perfect balance of functionality and style. The shell is crafted from premium, American made, 12oz canvas. We love the minimalist, rustic style and how it looks with our Tobacco jeans. Canvas also breathes extremely well to keep you cool when riding in the sun while still giving you a windbreak for those cooler night rides.

Pound for pound, nothing protects your skin in a skid quite like 100% Dupont™ Kevlar®. Our linings are made from our own air-flow, interlock-knit Aramid Fiber, and cover your shoulders, elbows, forearms upper back. Just like our jeans, the California Shirt is made right here in the USA and is built to last and to be worn.

This is a protective over-shirt. You can wear it under a vest or jacket, or on its own as a light weight protective alternative to your flannel or T-shirt.


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